The majority of the homeowners usually move to another estate every 5 to 6 years and at least 80% of them sell the current house. The reasons vary – from the new job that requires relocation, to the huge tax that they do not want to sell. is one of the most prolific companies in real estate business that buys and resales the houses.

We have talked to them about the most common reasons that influence people to sell their homes.

It becomes small for a family

One of the most common reasons is that the current home becomes too small for a family. A couple gets a child, then they get a second one and ultimately get the third one.

House For Selling
Couple Selling House

Instead of two-bedroom, they need now a three-bedroom house so each child could have a room for itself. Instead of keeping the home and paying the tax and maintenance, they decide to sell it. It is especially true when the size of the estate is not enough for them, but it is too big to have a weekend-vacation-like home that they can visit from time to time.

Therefore, the best decision is to sell it to someone who would have the most benefit out of it.

The neighborhood changes

Sometimes the environment influences the people to sell their homes. More often, some area in the city stays quiet and peaceful for a long time, until they start commercializing it ad building new blocks of apartments. It makes the neighborhood crowded and people who like peace cannot find it there anymore. Therefore, instead of staying and isolating themselves, people sell the house and move to the other area that is much better for them.

Moving somewhere else

We always look for improvement and job is one of those fields of course. It happens that you get a new 200 miles away from your current residence and there is no point to travel 3 hours in one direction.

Buying Home
New Home For Family

Even though you like your home, you cannot afford yourself to spend with your family only a few hours per day. So, the logical step is to sell your house, add a bit more cash if needed and settle down close to your job so you could spend more time with your family.

Maintenance costs are too high

If you have a huge house, you know that the maintenance costs are sometimes skyrocketing high. People simply do not want to spend too much money on taxes, maintenance and heating/cooling.

At first, they did not think it would be so pricey, or maybe they had a better job in the past and could afford to live in a huge house.

In any case, the bigger the house, the higher the costs of maintenance and living. But the best part is that you will almost always find someone who is willing to live in such a big house as they have a good job and a huge family. Just get yourself a good realtor so you could get the best price for your home!


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