The CBD compound of cannabis sativa gains more and more popularity as the clinical studies confirm the healthy benefits of this substance. While the doctors were insecure in the beginning, this becomes more of the sure thing these days and we do not have to explain why more and more doctors are becoming pro CBD.

Or we have to? Anyway, we will show you a few reasons why this is the way it is. Of course, the CBD treatments are still illegal in some states, so consider your laws if you want to start this form of treatment. First, let’s define this compound.

The definition of CBD

CBD or cannabidiol is an extract from cannabis sativa plants that does not offer popular “high” feeling but rather delivers the pure medicinal values. It showed its qualities in the treatment of many conditions, ranging from the mental ones (stress, anxiety, PTSD etc.), to the physical problems (inflammation, back pain, seizures etc.).

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After almost a decade of fighting, the doctors finally admitted that cannabidiol is an effective treatment and that it should be prescribed to certain patients. As it is a substance, the researchers and cannabis experts found a way to deliver it in the form oil. This is the highly popular cannabis oil.

Anti-inflammatory benefits

The biggest CBD’s help comes in the treatment of inflammation. Any inflammation that you have can be treated successfully with cannabidiol as it attacks the parts that are under the inflammation and calms them down.

It inhibits an eicosanoid enzyme (COX2). At the same time, it affects the cytokines molecules that cause inflammation and therefore reduces the pain.

For this reason, people start feeling relaxed, less tensed and happier as it destroys the problematic molecule and treats the spot that is inflamed. Of course, it all depends on the level of inflammation, but it is the same with pills. If you have a severe case of inflammation, you will get prescribed two pills instead of a single one. Therefore, if you do not feel the difference after taking CBD, it should be good to increase the dosage and see the effects.

Anti-Alzheimer’s treatment

One of the latest researches had confirmed the positive impact on Alzheimer’s disease as this disease is related to brain inflammation. The disease of Alzheimer is a frequent condition in the 60+ population. However, medicine has not found any effective medicine against it, but CBD might be the solution.

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The clinical researches have confirmed that the patients who used oil have reduced the Alzheimer’s potential for arise while those that haven’t, did develop this disease. As the Alzheimer’s starts from the inflammation of brain-related problems, cannabidiol reduces the inflammation, oxygen build up as well as the brain cell decline, which results in better brain condition. Therefore, it is a highly effective treatment that can decrease the incline of this disorder and help a patient to live normally, without any conditions and problems.


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