Medical cannabis can be highly beneficial for some people that are suffering from diseases and certain conditions.

As technology advances and everything goes fast forward, the experts developed the best strains that can enhance the treatment and recovery after the diseases.

Now, when you decide which one you need, your goal is to decide to where to buy kief of high quality. This article will present some of the best cannabis strains that showed positive results in the treatment of some diseases.

Northern Lights for the chronic pain

Fighting chronic pain is anything but easy, especially when the medicine that you usually take stop working. Still, the classic Northern Lights strain will help you to get rid of your chronic pain and relax you from head to toe in a minute!

Medical Marijuana
Medical Cannabis For Patient

This is a classic indica plant that, in higher dosage, may produce the couchlock effects and therefore, it is intended for the night time only. The calming effects, light buzz and feeling of being lightweight are the feelings that users often report from using this strain. Have in mind that it has a pepper-like taste, with a slight note of sweetness so it might not be super-tasty for some users.

Orange bud for the depression

If you are struggling with the depression, then Orange Bud is your choice! This strain originates from the 90’s of California and it was highly popular back in the days.

Still, it is used today mainly for the depression problems as it contains a high level of THC that stimulates the brain and produces a deep state of relaxation. At the same time, it produces the euphoric effect while leaving your focus intact. It features the great taste and smell, but requires some attention when using as the increased dosage may cause paranoia for the inexperienced users.

Supreme CBD Durban for pain and seizures

The seizures are always a complicated problem that often cannot be treated effectively. The conditions comes and goes but never disappears in reality. Supreme CBD Durban is the cross of popular Durban Poison sativa, which is known to be effective in seizure-prevention treatment.

Marijuana CBD Oil
close up of an oil made from the essential oil of the cannabis hemp plant with buds next and around the syringe

Even though it contains THC, it offers balanced effects as it has around 8% of CBD, making it good for medical treatment. The strain provides relaxing effects and features unique and sweet taste when consumed. This strain is not easy to find and the price may not be cheap.

The Hindu Kush for insomnia

If you are having problems with insomnia, then Hindu Kush solves your problem! This strain originates from Afghanistan, the Hindu Kush mountain and provides the strong narcotic effects that will put you to sleep right after you use it.

It has a distinct and hard smell that you cannot miss, once you get familiar with it.

This is one of the classic strains and it is intended for the night time as it produces strong couchlock effects. If you cannot sleep at night, Hindu Kush is your strain!


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