Cannabis has over 60 compounds that need to be researched, while we know only about CBD and THC. When it comes to the cannabidiol coil, it is evident that it can help with numerous conditions and illnesses, even when it comes to cancer treatment.

But the best part is that pure CBD will not produce any psychoactive effects, meaning you will not be high. One of the best ones we recommend is ultra cell CBD oil. In this article, we will help you to find your right dosage and things you should have in mind when taking the medicine.

How can CBD help you?

This compound can help you in various ways, as this is a versatile substance that fights off even the most insidious diseases and conditions. When it comes to the conditions that it can treat successfully, these are:

· Anxiety and depression
· Insomnia
· Seizures
· Pain and inflammation
· Migraines
· Inflammatory bowel disease
· Cancer
· Loss of appetite.

The key thing in the self-treatment is taking a proper dosage that is appropriate for your body. When you decide to start taking this medicine, you have to know that it is not regulated, nor approved, by the FDA, so you have to be careful as you do not want to get in trouble. Still, if you live in the states where medical use is legal, you do not need to worry.

How to find the right dosage for yourself?

You need to consider several things before you find the right dosage, as there are a couple of things that are crucial. First of all, consider your weight. A man that weighs 80kgs does not need the same dosage as someone who has 150kgs. Then you need to consider the condition you want to treat and the internal body chemistry since not all people work the same way.

Marijuana Is Ready To Smoke
Marijuana Joint For Sick People

For painkilling option, you probably do not need the same amount as for cancer-fighting. Finally, you need to decide whether you take pills, pure oil or edibles. This is where things can become a little bit tricky as the effects may come in later when you take edibles instead of smoking it or taking the oil. Still, you should see information on the package about the dosage, effects and time needed to effects to take in.

What you can do is to take a smaller dosage and see what happens. Wait an hour an half to see if there are any effects and then take more if there are no effects evident.

The best way is to take 20 to 40 mgs per single day. After some 10 days, you might have a bit of tolerance so try to add an additional 5mg to the standard dosage to reach the same effects.

How to know the right dosage?

If you get CBD oil in pills, then you know that a single dosage is a single pill. Still, if you get pure oil, then you might be confused. Still, there is a standard that a single drop out of the bottle is 0.05 mL, which is 5mg.

Marijuana Leaf And CBD Oil
CBD Oil On Table

One bottle has 1,000 mg, it means that a single drop contains 5mg of CBD. Just remember that you cannot take too much of CBD to overdose of produce serious side effects. The worst thing that can happen is diarrhea and fatigue.


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