Fishing is a great way to indulge in free time while also competing but also enjoying the outdoor. When it comes to the preparation, there is a bit of knowledge you should possess to prepare everything you need for your offshore fishing gear.

But even if you are not experienced, don’t worry as we will help you to understand the basics and equip yourself for your upcoming adventure.

The rod and reel

The fishing rod is a pole that is made usually of fiberglass and graphite. The reason why these two materials are used is that you will need to cast the fishing line deeper and further and therefore these materials offer enough flexibility, but also rigidness to counter the weight and prevent breaking.

Catching Fish In River
Holding A Bass Fish

The classification is done by the power, responsiveness and action. If you are a starter, you should go with a medium strength rod as you could catch the different types of fish, but also enough responsiveness so you can feel the bite of fish. If you are 5.9 feet height, you should use 6.8 feet rod to have the most ideal rod.

The reel is a piece of rod that you attach so you could increase or decrease the length of the line as you need to get the right distance to catch fish.

Reels are lightweight, durable and easy to handle. The spinning reels allow you longer casting as you can roll up/down a lot of lines. Now, depending on the depth of water, you will need to adjust everything accordingly as the shallower water requires a longer stick with a lot of line.

The hooks

The next part are hooks that you actually use to catch fish. One good advice – always have spare ones in your tackle box as you never know when you will strangle it on the rock or underwater structure that will break the line. There are single double, circle and treble hooks, depending on the type of fish you plan to catch.

Beginner Fishing On River
River Fishing Tips

If you are just beginning, make sure that you use a single hook, the smallest size. Once you get used to the equipment and everything else, you can start using the bigger hooks as well as the more advanced gear.


Bobbers are not necessarily the inevitable part of the equipment but these make your trip much easier as bobbers allow you to keep an eye on the fish’s bite. Once the fish bites the bait, the bobber sinks down in the water and tells you that you should pull out.

The classic ones are made of plastic, with round heads, though you can find different ones like elongated that allow you sliding up and down, in case you run in the deep water.

Make sure that you do not buy too big one as these are not as responsive as the smaller ones and are not intended to be used by the beginners but rather by the professionals with experience.