Interstitial cystitis – A complicated kidney condition

Interstitial cystitis – A complicated kidney condition

Interstitial cystitis is a kidney condition also known as the painful bladder syndrome. It’s hard to diagnose this condition, and there is no known cure for it. Existing treatment will help with an interstitial skip, and thus you will be able to live with this condition.

Many experts think that the said disease isn’t one condition at all due to the full range of symptoms and variable severity. They believe that IC aka interstitial cystitis refers to several different disorders that affect kidneys. Urinary pain that lasts more than six weeks can be a symptom of the IC if kidney stones or some other infection don’t cause it. This overlap of symptoms makes it hard to determine what kind of a condition you are dealing with. If you fail to treat the IC, then your life may take a turn toward the worse. It will affect many aspects of life from exercise and sleep to the ability to work.

Symptoms of the Interstitial Cystitis

This condition is a chronic bladder issue where the kidneys hold the urine in after it gets filtered. The direct result of this is the pain and pressure below the stomach. In severe cases, patients have to pee more than forty times per day, and every trip to the bathroom is painful.

The complex nature of the condition means that symptoms vary from individual to individual. They can also change which makes detection of the disease even harder than it usually is. The primary sign of this condition is the pressure and pain in the bladder that becomes worse as the need for a bathroom increases. The second symptom encompasses the pain in the lower tummy as well as the whole that general area.

Women tend to experience increased pain in the vulva, vagina and the area around the vagina. Men, on the other hand, experience pain behind the scrotum and in the testicles and penis.

The need to pee, more than ten times per day, is a symptom of the IC as well as several other kidney related diseases. Both sexes will experience pain during the intercourse (in the case of interstitial cystitis), while men will experience it during the orgasm and after the intercourse.

Living with the Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial cystitisA life with the IC is hard as you can’t cure this condition. You have to use medication to reduce the pain this condition causes. Some of it also helps in prolonging the time between bathroom visits. If you suffer from this disease, then you have to adapt your lifestyle to it. Making changes to live as much as it is possible is a must for every individual that deal with the IC.

Some foods and beverages serve as triggers for the IC, and thus avoiding them can improve your lifestyle. You will have to find which of them trigger your disease. Working on lowering down the stress in any way possible is also good, as stress is one of the triggers that will increase the frequency of bathroom visits.

HSS students entering the US army

HSS students entering the US army

The idea that soldiers need help from psychologists and psychiatrists was frowned upon by the state for a long time. But the fact that many of them experience PTSD and other traumas on the mental level when they return from the battlefield is a proof that they need some form of help during the service.

One of the biggest headlines of this decade has to be “HSS student to enter the United States Air Force Academy.” This news tells everyone that military top is finally doing something regarding the mental health of their soldiers.

The hell on the battlefield

The army teaches soldiers that they are superior to their enemies. They learn that showing weakness isn’t something an American soldier should do. Those poor souls keep everything bottled in because they don’t want their comrades to think that they are afraid of the war. The result of this is only seen when those people finish their time on the battlefield. Mental issues of active soldiers surface when they return home. This is why phrases like “bring the war home” exist. They can’t resolve their mental problems in the army, and therefore they bring them home.

A sad fact about veterans is that 22 of them commit suicide every single day. That is an alarming fact which the government and the army ignored for a long time. Soldiers come home from the battlefield, but the battlefield never leaves from their heads. They don’t receive the necessary help in the army and thus the problem they have to follow them to their homes. They have to deal with PTSD, depression, flashbacks, anxiety, and insomnia on their own, without any professional help. In the past, and even now, army tends to abandon those that served in it for several years as soon as they retire.

How did it come to this?

HSS studentsThe addition of HHS graduates into the army is a big step toward solving the mental issues of active soldiers. News about this didn’t gather a lot of attention in the mass media even though they should have. Army has been a conservative part of the government up until the last year. The fact that soldiers will have an opportunity to talk with professionals and address mental issues that plague them is a game-changing fact that will have a positive effect on the moral of the army.

All of this started back in 2008 when The Department of Health and Human Services aka HHS began talks with the Department of Defense about the increase of mental health services that the soldiers receive when they return from the battlefield. It took more than five years for results of those talks to bear fruit.

The idea to send professionals with knowledge about mental health to war zones is new, and it probably won’t produce any results in next several years. But, the fact that said professionals are entering military academies is a step forward. If this trend continues then the suicide rate of veterans will go down as they will deal with their issues in the army rather than bringing them home.

Losing weight will make a difference in your life

Losing weight will make a difference in your life

Losing weight has made a difference in lives of many people. Not only did it improve their health but social life as well. Its sad thing to say that the weight has a significant impact on social life, but that is how it is. People will judge you depending on how you look. That, along with health benefits should give you a push to lose excess weight.

The sheer number of benefits of losing weight should also give you an idea of why you should do it. Well, not dying from a heart attack, or any other weight-related issues should be reason enough to start losing weight as soon as possible.

What leads to excess weight gain?

The number of factors that lead to weight gain is enormous. Many different things can cause excessive weight gain. However, a combination of several of those is what makes the process fast. Genetics play a significant part in the weight gain process. Children from obese family tend to gain more weight in the same period than children whose family is lean. But blaming genetics for obesity is wrong as they aren’t the most significant element that affects the weight. People tend to do this while forgetting lousy life choice that brought them where they are at the moment.

The lack of exercise and consummation of processed “junk” food are primary factors that lead to obesity. Children of obese people are more susceptible to excess weight gain because their parents don’t teach them what to eat and how and why to exercise. The heavily refined food contains nothing more than refined ingredients and a lot of additives. An excellent example of this is the street food everyone eats. That kind of food is cheap and tasty, and you can eat a lot of it. It doesn’t contain a lot of nourishing elements, and thus you must eat a lot of it to satiate your hunger. The primary issue with these foods is the fact that they contain several times more calories than their healthy counterparts.

Benefits of losing excess weight

The quality of sleep will increase when you grow thin. Losing even a small amount of fat will result in more extended sleeping session. You will also feel more rested after said sleep. Snoring will disappear as well as it is a direct result of excess fat in your body.

Losing weightStamina is determined by the readiness of your body to perform complicated tasks. The only way to build it is to exercise and never stop moving. Losing weight while building muscles will increase your stamina and allow you to enjoy many things you couldn’t do with all that excess weight.

One of the essential elements of life is sexual intercourse, which will also improve after you lose a couple of those pounds. The additional stamina will allow you to satisfy your partner better than you could before. You won’t get tired quickly as the testosterone levels in your body will go up as you grow thin.

Volunteering for the right reasons

Volunteering for the right reasons

Being a volunteer is something you have to experience at least once in your life. It isn’t about getting something in return, and no sane person does it for profit. Volunteering is all about assisting those that don’t need it. It isn’t about money as those people need more than that. People in need of help require individuals who will interact with them because they want to, not because they must.

Dixie Care & Share Provides Assistance asks for volunteers due to the continuous growth of the organization. This organization assists homeless people in several cities in the USA. It also offers its help to victims of significant natural disasters wherever they can. Joining their efforts is an excellent way for you to give back to the community without having to spend money you probably need for other things. Check their website for further info on how you can help and where the said assistance is required.

The expansion of operations in Hurricane

It’s always a good thing to hear that an organization like Dixie Care & Share is expanding their services. This organization, in particular, is known for its ever-expanding work in many cities of the USA where there is a need for their presence.

The operation of Hurricane was successful as they provided clothing and emergency food for people who needed both. The food operation didn’t experience any change as it didn’t require any difference due to the smoothness it works with.

VolunteeringThe problem appeared with the clothing aspect of their work. All donated clothes went to bins from which people could pick whatever they needed. The primary issue came with the fact that it took a lot of time for those people to find clothes that suited them.

The organization chose to change this and expand the number of people they could serve at the same time. The call for additional volunteers went well as a lot of people responded. The next step was to gather more clothes. They organized an event where people could come and donate clothes instead of throwing them away. Several ads around the city spread the word about the event, and thus it turned into a huge success.

Dixie Care & Share invested donation money into shelves and racks for donated clothes. Volunteers separated those clothes according to the size, and they keep on doing that whenever the need arises.

Volunteering is good for you

If you never volunteered, then you should try it. It helps people who didn’t have the same luck in life as you did. You will feel better after doing this as there is nothing better than the satisfaction that comes after you help someone.

Can cannabis oil help you with cancer treatment?


There has been a lot of controversy surrounding cannabis oil. While some patients claim it held them beat the cancer cells, other we disappointed with the results. However, we can’t negate the fact that cannabis has been used for hundreds of years, both in medicine and recreationally.

There are different names for cannabis, such as marijuana, hemp, pot, and hash. Marijuana plant has more than 600 compounds, and they have significant medical value. However, two main substances are THC and CBD.

Before you mail order cannabis to Manitoba, make sure to verify the source. The amount of CBD and TCH will determine how hemp oil is useful.


Cancer treatment and cannabis

In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of interest in cannabinoids. So far, the leading compound THC has been tested in many studies. Scientists are trying to determine its effect on cancer cells.

Most of the research has been performed in laboratories and based on the latest discoveries different cannabinoids can:

  • Destroy cancer cells
  • Stop cells from dividing
  • Stop cells from creating new blood vessels
  • However, scientists also discovered that cannabinoids could:
  • Do damage to essential blood vessels
  • In some cases, cannabinoids can encourage cancer cells to grow

But, let’s review the studies which addressed the issue of increasing the number of cancer cells under the influence of cannabinoids. It’s still unclear whether these compounds have the power to destroy cancer cells.

However, there is some evidence which indicates that marijuana may lessen symptoms of chemo, such as nausea and pain. For instance, cannabinoids developed drugs have been effective in treating sickness and boosting the patient’s appetite.

On the other hand, these studies have shown some mixed results when used in clinical trials. Due to these results, we require more research before we can implement cannabis in traditional medicine.

Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is a favorite topic, and many people seek salvation due to its “remarkable” healing properties. People will do anything to treat their own or their loved ones’ health issues. Especially, if conventional treatment isn’t providing necessary results.

Cannabis oil features various amount of CDB and THC. But, if you are thinking of using cannabis oil, then you should consider the following things:

Avoid online ads. You don’t know what you are getting and how pure it is.

Think about the side effects. For example, THC can increase the heart rate, cause dizziness, hallucinations, make you dizzy and high.

In most of the courtiers, the cannabis oil is still illegal.

CBD oil

CBD oil doesn’t feature THC; therefore, it isn’t psychoactive. This is one of the reasons why CBD oil is accepted in most of the countries. It is usually sold as a food supplement, but sellers aren’t making any claims about its healing properties.

However, there are some examples where people experience a dramatic shift regarding health. But, these stories weren’t based on clinical trials. Before using CBD oil, make sure to consult your doctor.





How to Order Weed Online in Canada?


The Canadian government spearheaded by their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau legalized the recreational use of marijuana in October 2018. The Legalization Act was passed to the government can control the production and sales of the plant. This was done so they could control marijuana-related crimes and make sure that underage citizens do not have access to the plant.

The legalization of the plant, in turn, led to a change in the economy and this branch of industry has seen a big rise in value. The professionals are estimating that the total worth of the industry will come up to a couple of billion and there is a lot of talk about foreign investment into weed production. This will be an exciting time for all marijuana lovers and we can expect many advancements.

One of the best benefits of this change is the fact that you can order weed online and get it to your doorstep. Why is this so great? Well, you can choose between many different producers and all of their wonderful products, you are not limited by just one company or store.

Things You Should Know

The plant will be sold online but only to individuals that are older than 19 years and every website ask that you register with them. Some people consider this a breach in their privacy but they do not have to worry because this is just a regular procedure.

The company needs to know how old you really are, they need to know the address where they will mail the weed and they need to know how you will pay for the products you ordered. That is all the information they will take from you and as you can see it is not different from any other website that sells something online. The information you give to the website is protected by the company and it will not build a big register of users and their practices over time, although such information will be gathered.

Legalization means that the government and law enforcement do not consider possession and consumption of marijuana as something that is illegal and it is left to every individual to choose if they want to consume it or not. Therefore, the government has no need for information on how much every individual consumes that can be calculated by analyzing the statistics of sales also.



Ordering weed online in Canada is easy as going to any other online shop and getting what you want for the day. The products will be taxed additionally but not as much as alcohol and the production of the plant will be privatized completely. The only thing you have to do is to go online and browse the web for dispensaries and weed farms that have the product you like, register with them, order your stock, pay and sit at home and wait until it comes to your doorstep. Afterward, you can enjoy your favorite smooch as much as you want to.      

Smoking Cannabis And Staying Healthy: How Is It Possible?

Smoking Cannabis And Staying Healthy: How Is It Possible?

Cannabis smokers tend to be healthier than tobacco smokers and that is a fact! They do not even get cancer from all the smoke they inhale in the lungs. But how is that possible? According to the researches made by medical billing companies, linked THC to the absence of cancer in the body, as it is a powerful weapon in fight against cancer.

Although no official study showed up on TV, a lot of medical companies did confirm this fact. Still, they also include CBD in the arsenal of weapons that fight cancer. But how weed smokers are healthier than tobacco smokers?

Use of vaporizers

These devices are the latest inventions that took cannabis industry onto whole new level. As it was recently legalized, the producers managed to find a much safer way to smoke cannabis. Instead of a traditional burning (joints and blunts), vaporizers heat up the cannabis bud up to a certain temperature where the burning does not happen.

Use of vaporizers

At a certain temperature, cannabis resin and terpenes starts to evaporating due to the heating process. Through the vaporizer, a consumer inhales a vapor instead of a smoke. Smoke has dangerous substances and deadly elements that can inflict serious damages to lungs after some time. So, instead of inhaling smoke, you inhale a vapor that is full of THC, CBD and other elements of cannabis, which make you high/relaxed.

Smoking through water pipes and bongs

Water pipes and bongs are old methods of smoking and these date back to the ancient times. As it is innovative, unusual and healthy, a good part of cannabis users love to use water pipes as these are fantastic ways to get rid of unwanted and harmful elements. The concept is that a smoke goes through a cold water with ice, where the water filters the smoke and “washes” toxic substances, leaving you only with the cold vapor/smoke.

All the weed particles that you do not need will stay in water and your lungs will be healthier. While it seems perfect, this method is far from perfect, as still some of the harmful substances stay in the smoke you inhale. Still, when compared to traditional cigarette smoking, this is a much healthier choice. Today, you can find many different versions of pipes and bongs, in different sizes and shapes, so everyone will be able to find his/her favorite design and look.

Concentrates and dabs

Concentrates and dabs are the purest forms of cannabis that you can get anywhere and these are not expensive for no reason. There are different types of concentrates, based on the type of solvent that you use for the production of the concentrate.

The most popular is BHO (butane hash oil) where you use butane as a solvent that will separate all terpenes from the buds and flowers.

Dabbers usually use modified water pipes to smoke these concentrates, though can be added to joints. These can even be used in special types of vaporizers, so the wide range of users could experience the dabbing and stay healthy.

DIY Neck-Pain Relief

DIY Neck-Pain Relief
Make you own Neck-Pain Relief

Pain neck can affect your quality of life and prevent you from your daily activities to that point that you cannot do anything. The number of people who complain about this pain is increasing and one of the main reasons is the lack of physical activity. A lot of people sits in front of a computer and that significantly contributes to Leigh Brain & Spine pain. There are also other reasons that we will list, but we will also talk about how to prevent it on your own, while you are at home.

The reasons for neck pain

One of the reasons may be a poor posture. If you are not walking or sitting appropriately, this may contribute to the overall pain and cause you problems with your neck. Also, if you repeat the neck movements on and on, this can also lead to problems and stiff neck.

Neck pain
The reasons for neck pain

Some people, due to their work, have to be in a certain position, for example those who weld may find their bodies in the poor posture for more than 4-5 hours per day. Apart from these, there may be a spinal injury or osteoarthritis. In any case, you should follow some of the methods below to prevent neck pain.

Consider ergonomic workplace

Apart from having enough physical activity on a daily basis, you can also improve your workplace by making it ergonomic. This involves setting and adjusting your chair to the position that is comfortable to your body, meaning your knees must be lower than your hips, while your arms must be in the position with the desk.

Also, consider to get yourself the computer desk that you can adjust by height. Not all desks are good for everyone, so you need to find the appropriate position that suits you and your body best.

Stretch and stretch!

Yes, you must stretch! While you are working, your body stays “locked” in a single position, which can cause serious problems and pain. Therefore, stand up every 30 minutes and walk around a bit. Roll your shoulders and squeeze your shoulder blades to ensure these have movement every now and then.

Also, “nodding” your head forward, backward and to the sides is also an effective exercise that reduces the neck pain. Combine this activity with walking and you will definitely reduce the stiff neck pain! However, avoid at all costs any sudden movements while doing this as any sudden move may cause cracking and further problems to your body. You do not want to make further problems!

Do not sleep in a single position all the time

This is one of the things that people often forget to do. If you like to sleep on the side, make sure you change the position the next evening. Also, avoid sleeping on your stomach as this position forces straining of your neck, which leads to stiffness and pain. Change the position periodically to avoid provoking any pain and problems with your pain.

How To Prepare Yourself For Swimming Session?

How To Prepare Yourself For Swimming Session
Woman swimming

Swimming is maybe the best physical activity that you can have as it includes all your muscles in the activity and makes you lose your pounds. That is why the swimmers are so good looking and handsome! If you want to be like them, you can swim by yourself of course, or you can enroll in the course organized by State Swim. In any case, it would be good to start with preparation before you start with it. There are a couple of things you can do before you start with it.

Prepare your muscles

Of course, your muscles will get used to the activity after some time, but you could expect serious inflammation of your muscles in case you do not do some initial preparation. The good way to start is to visit a gym, 2-3 times per week, just to “wake up” your muscles.

Prepare your muscles

Pull-ups, pushups, squats and deadlifting are the best exercises that will prepare you before you jump into the water. These exercises engage large muscle groups that would suffer the inflammation if you swim for a longer time. Alternatively, you can consult with a personal trainer and explain to him that you are planning to go to the pool, so he could advise you what exercises to perform.

Take some swim lessons

Taking swim lessons is nothing new, as many people decide to go with professional help, especially if they had not been to a pool before. If you have never been to pol before, it is recommended to visit a professional trainer who would work with you.

These lessons are highly useful, as you will learn a lot about the strokes, techniques, breathing and other useful things that you might need.

Of course, you can skip these, however, it is much better to start your session with some pre-knowledge. The session would be much more effective then. Still, it is totally up to you whether you will do this or not.

See a doctor if you have any medical condition

In case you have a medical condition, you might want to check the whole matter with the doctor. Generally, swimming is the only activity that is appropriate for everyone, unless you have broken bone or some physical problem that prevents you from swimming.

Woman swimmer
See a doctor if you have any medical condition

But, it is always a good idea to visit a doctor whenever you are starting some new exercise. If you are having a skin related problem, the chlorinated water may cause problems for your skin. But even you do have a skin condition, you can ask your doctor for advice. Do not let that stop you from going to swim!

Make sure you follow the pool rules

Always get familiar with the pool rules, as you do not want a lifeguard to shout at you because you have not read the rules. There are different lanes that you must be aware of, you should avoid jumping in the pool as you create the waves. There are many rules and devote some time to getting familiar with these, so you could follow all these and respect others.

The Best Cannabis Strains For The Medical Treatments

The Best Cannabis Strains For The Medical Treatments
Cannabis For Healing

Medical cannabis can be highly beneficial for some people that are suffering from diseases and certain conditions.

As technology advances and everything goes fast forward, the experts developed the best strains that can enhance the treatment and recovery after the diseases.

Now, when you decide which one you need, your goal is to decide to where to buy kief of high quality. This article will present some of the best cannabis strains that showed positive results in the treatment of some diseases.

Northern Lights for the chronic pain

Fighting chronic pain is anything but easy, especially when the medicine that you usually take stop working. Still, the classic Northern Lights strain will help you to get rid of your chronic pain and relax you from head to toe in a minute!

Medical Marijuana
Medical Cannabis For Patient

This is a classic indica plant that, in higher dosage, may produce the couchlock effects and therefore, it is intended for the night time only. The calming effects, light buzz and feeling of being lightweight are the feelings that users often report from using this strain. Have in mind that it has a pepper-like taste, with a slight note of sweetness so it might not be super-tasty for some users.

Orange bud for the depression

If you are struggling with the depression, then Orange Bud is your choice! This strain originates from the 90’s of California and it was highly popular back in the days.

Still, it is used today mainly for the depression problems as it contains a high level of THC that stimulates the brain and produces a deep state of relaxation. At the same time, it produces the euphoric effect while leaving your focus intact. It features the great taste and smell, but requires some attention when using as the increased dosage may cause paranoia for the inexperienced users.

Supreme CBD Durban for pain and seizures

The seizures are always a complicated problem that often cannot be treated effectively. The conditions comes and goes but never disappears in reality. Supreme CBD Durban is the cross of popular Durban Poison sativa, which is known to be effective in seizure-prevention treatment.

Marijuana CBD Oil
close up of an oil made from the essential oil of the cannabis hemp plant with buds next and around the syringe

Even though it contains THC, it offers balanced effects as it has around 8% of CBD, making it good for medical treatment. The strain provides relaxing effects and features unique and sweet taste when consumed. This strain is not easy to find and the price may not be cheap.

The Hindu Kush for insomnia

If you are having problems with insomnia, then Hindu Kush solves your problem! This strain originates from Afghanistan, the Hindu Kush mountain and provides the strong narcotic effects that will put you to sleep right after you use it.

It has a distinct and hard smell that you cannot miss, once you get familiar with it.

This is one of the classic strains and it is intended for the night time as it produces strong couchlock effects. If you cannot sleep at night, Hindu Kush is your strain!

Why Do We Need Regular Physical Exercise To Stay Healthy?

Why Do We Need Regular Physical Exercise To Stay Healthy?
Exercise With Group

Feeling better does not just come from our mental state and thoughts, but it also comes from the physical exercise that should be part of our weekly plan. Of course, sometimes you will not go everyday but is important to exercise at least 3 times per week.

It does not matter if you like calisthenics or crossfit, you must move your body! But why is it so important to stay active? What health benefits do we get?

We keep our weight in the normal level

The first evident thing is that your body weight remains at the normal level, as you will not gain additional weights nor you will lose them. Actually, you will melt the unnecessary fat and lose excess pounds, as your metabolism gets faster.

A mature African-American woman in her 50s wearing sport clothing, exercising on a city waterfront. She is leaning on a railing, stretching her leg.
Woman Exercise On Balkon

Therefore, you will burn more calories as the training intensity increases. When you work out every day, your metabolism gets faster and the food is burnt much faster, which leads to proper bodywork. As you have an activity every day, there is no possibility that the excessive fat will stay, as it will rather meltdown.

Exercise as a fight against the health conditions

Another great thing about exercising is that you will fight successfully your diseases and health conditions. Regardless of your weight, physical activity boosts your HDL (often called good) cholesterol while it decreases the level of unhealthy triglycerides.

As a result, your blood will flow through your body smoothly without any risk for cardiovascular disease.

If you suffer from stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, anxiety, cancer, arthritis or metabolic problems, you have to exercise every day to ensure your metabolism activity. It is all about the activity.

It boosts your mood

Yes, everyone who regularly exercise do not have that mood swings that often happen due to poor metabolism. It is proven many times that any physical activity, including a 30-minute walk, boosts the chemical balance in your brain by stimulating the production of serotonin, a hormone that regulates well-being and overall happiness.

Cardio Training
Woman Doing Cardio Training

At the same time, the exercise will improve your self-esteem and confidence, which are crucial for a good psychosocial balance. The more you exercise, the more stable and stronger you will be.

You will sleep better

Insomnia is one of the worst conditions that can affect your life to that point that your personality changes completely. It is a lack of need for sleep and it can affect the normal life and lead people into serious problems that are not related only to social, but also to health problems.

When you exercise, you spend the energy that is accumulated in your body and therefore you can fall asleep easier.

At the same time, your level of hormones will be balanced, which will not result in waking up at the middle of the night full of energy. Having at least 30 minutes of walk per day is going to regulate your sleep better.

How To Use CBD Oil Responsively And In The Right Amount?

How To Use CBD Oil Responsively And In The Right Amount?
CBD Oil In Small Bottle's

Cannabis has over 60 compounds that need to be researched, while we know only about CBD and THC. When it comes to the cannabidiol coil, it is evident that it can help with numerous conditions and illnesses, even when it comes to cancer treatment.

But the best part is that pure CBD will not produce any psychoactive effects, meaning you will not be high. One of the best ones we recommend is ultra cell CBD oil. In this article, we will help you to find your right dosage and things you should have in mind when taking the medicine.

How can CBD help you?

This compound can help you in various ways, as this is a versatile substance that fights off even the most insidious diseases and conditions. When it comes to the conditions that it can treat successfully, these are:

· Anxiety and depression
· Insomnia
· Seizures
· Pain and inflammation
· Migraines
· Inflammatory bowel disease
· Cancer
· Loss of appetite.

The key thing in the self-treatment is taking a proper dosage that is appropriate for your body. When you decide to start taking this medicine, you have to know that it is not regulated, nor approved, by the FDA, so you have to be careful as you do not want to get in trouble. Still, if you live in the states where medical use is legal, you do not need to worry.

How to find the right dosage for yourself?

You need to consider several things before you find the right dosage, as there are a couple of things that are crucial. First of all, consider your weight. A man that weighs 80kgs does not need the same dosage as someone who has 150kgs. Then you need to consider the condition you want to treat and the internal body chemistry since not all people work the same way.

Marijuana Is Ready To Smoke
Marijuana Joint For Sick People

For painkilling option, you probably do not need the same amount as for cancer-fighting. Finally, you need to decide whether you take pills, pure oil or edibles. This is where things can become a little bit tricky as the effects may come in later when you take edibles instead of smoking it or taking the oil. Still, you should see information on the package about the dosage, effects and time needed to effects to take in.

What you can do is to take a smaller dosage and see what happens. Wait an hour an half to see if there are any effects and then take more if there are no effects evident.

The best way is to take 20 to 40 mgs per single day. After some 10 days, you might have a bit of tolerance so try to add an additional 5mg to the standard dosage to reach the same effects.

How to know the right dosage?

If you get CBD oil in pills, then you know that a single dosage is a single pill. Still, if you get pure oil, then you might be confused. Still, there is a standard that a single drop out of the bottle is 0.05 mL, which is 5mg.

Marijuana Leaf And CBD Oil
CBD Oil On Table

One bottle has 1,000 mg, it means that a single drop contains 5mg of CBD. Just remember that you cannot take too much of CBD to overdose of produce serious side effects. The worst thing that can happen is diarrhea and fatigue.

The Reasons Why Doctors Start Advocating CBD

The Reasons Why Doctors Start Advocating CBD
CBD Oil In Little Bottle

The CBD compound of cannabis sativa gains more and more popularity as the clinical studies confirm the healthy benefits of this substance. While the doctors were insecure in the beginning, this becomes more of the sure thing these days and we do not have to explain why more and more doctors are becoming pro CBD.

Or we have to? Anyway, we will show you a few reasons why this is the way it is. Of course, the CBD treatments are still illegal in some states, so consider your laws if you want to start this form of treatment. First, let’s define this compound.

The definition of CBD

CBD or cannabidiol is an extract from cannabis sativa plants that does not offer popular “high” feeling but rather delivers the pure medicinal values. It showed its qualities in the treatment of many conditions, ranging from the mental ones (stress, anxiety, PTSD etc.), to the physical problems (inflammation, back pain, seizures etc.).

Holding CBD Products
Products Of Marijuana In Hand

After almost a decade of fighting, the doctors finally admitted that cannabidiol is an effective treatment and that it should be prescribed to certain patients. As it is a substance, the researchers and cannabis experts found a way to deliver it in the form oil. This is the highly popular cannabis oil.

Anti-inflammatory benefits

The biggest CBD’s help comes in the treatment of inflammation. Any inflammation that you have can be treated successfully with cannabidiol as it attacks the parts that are under the inflammation and calms them down.

It inhibits an eicosanoid enzyme (COX2). At the same time, it affects the cytokines molecules that cause inflammation and therefore reduces the pain.

For this reason, people start feeling relaxed, less tensed and happier as it destroys the problematic molecule and treats the spot that is inflamed. Of course, it all depends on the level of inflammation, but it is the same with pills. If you have a severe case of inflammation, you will get prescribed two pills instead of a single one. Therefore, if you do not feel the difference after taking CBD, it should be good to increase the dosage and see the effects.

Anti-Alzheimer’s treatment

One of the latest researches had confirmed the positive impact on Alzheimer’s disease as this disease is related to brain inflammation. The disease of Alzheimer is a frequent condition in the 60+ population. However, medicine has not found any effective medicine against it, but CBD might be the solution.

CBD Health Doctor
Doctor With CBD Oil

The clinical researches have confirmed that the patients who used oil have reduced the Alzheimer’s potential for arise while those that haven’t, did develop this disease. As the Alzheimer’s starts from the inflammation of brain-related problems, cannabidiol reduces the inflammation, oxygen build up as well as the brain cell decline, which results in better brain condition. Therefore, it is a highly effective treatment that can decrease the incline of this disorder and help a patient to live normally, without any conditions and problems.

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