Every year greets us with a record-breaking number of hurricanes, fires, and droughts all across the USA. Every year firefighters have to face everything that nature throws at them with all they got to prevent the loss of property and lives.

The continuous fight against nature’s forces people to grow up differently than anyone else that doesn’t have to face danger every summer. People who grow up fighting hurricanes tend to be robust individuals who dedicate their lives to ensuring that everyone else is saved. Whenever you see a headline which states that a Hurricane fire chief hangs his helmet, you should read the said article. Those are the people who chose to risk their lives on a daily basis so everyone else could live without any worries.

The year when everything escalates

Firestorms and hurricanes 2018 is a year in which we will see the escalation of nature’s wrath. People are still reluctant to accept that climate change plays a big part in everything that is happening. But that doesn’t matter for people who have to fight the elements. Their job is to go out there and try to prevent further damage by nature.

Midwest and West of the USA experience an increasing number of wildfires on a yearly basis. The intensity of the same is increasing as well. Preventing these occurrences has mixed results. Firefighters can prevent wildfires through education of the children and teens. This education reduces the number of fires in nature as young people learn how devastating their actions can be. The sad thing is that is the only way that firefighters can prevent nature from destroying everything people build. The majority of natural disasters that occur are the result of natural phenomena, and thus people can’t do anything but fight them once they happen.

People who stand in the first line of fire

Firefighters are people who stand in the first line of fire whenever nature throws something us. The majority of firefighters are volunteers, with only a small portion of firefighter force being pros. But, those professional firefighters spend a significant part of their lives in the headquarters, waiting for the call to go out and fight the elements.

However, it’s impossible for professional firefighters to fight huge wildfires and to deal with the outcome of hurricanes without assistance from volunteers. People who choose to volunteer on helping others after or during a disaster are also heroes who should be praised for their work. They risk their lives (on some occasions), without getting paid, to help people deal with the aftermath of major natural disasters and they play a significant role in fighting wildfires.

Honoring firefighter chiefs that retire after decades of service is one of the ways we can thank them and their peers for their work.


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