The history is full of plays and movies that change the way people perceive the world. But only a few of them changes the perception of a whole movement. Some events give birth to trends that go on to become something far more significant than anyone could imagine.

First waves of the rock and roll that hit the world in mid-fifties were something that was bound to change the music at its core. The arrival of a play, and later a movie celebrated the birth of rock and roll. “Bye Bye Birdie is a rockin’ good time” was one of the phrases that told everyone that this play is more than just another retelling of an old story. That phrase went to be one of the ways people could explain to everyone what this play is all about.

The birth of a rock and roll play

Bye Bye BirdieIf everything went by the original plan, then the play that it would end with wouldn’t be anything special. It would probably gather a lot of attention, but it wouldn’t be remembered as it is now. The idea to change the play into what it came to be was due to news headline about Elvis Presley being drafted into the army. The play was focused on the draft and its effects on a small group of teenagers in a small city in Ohio. The name of the singer in the musical is Conrad Birdie, thus the name of the play.

The play has two acts. The first one starts with a songwriter who is panicking because he doesn’t have money, and his superstar is getting drafted into an army. He gets an idea to record a song before he goes away. In a small town, a girl is having her doubts about being a part of the fan club of the said superstar. The plot gets going after she finds out that she is the one that will receive the final kiss from the Birdie.

The second act pitches all the parties against each other. A lot of stuff happens in this part. The ending has a lot of action where various subjects play a significant role. We won’t share any spoilers because the movie is worth watching without them.

The importance of the Bye Bye Birdie

This play had a significant impact on the way people saw rock and roll. The musical showed that this fast and wild genre of music could be a part of something bigger. The movie cemented this play as something that changed the world of music. If you want to learn more about this, then you should watch the film. It uses music and comedy to show people how early rock and roll affected people who made it and those who loved it.


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