Last year a major storm knocked down several flagpoles that held banners of the American Legion. The damage was critical, and the organization had to change their home due to it. But the new house wasn’t complete without flying flags that would give it a historical look it deserves.

The organization issued a call for people that wanted to donate their historical flags to the organization so it could fly them high at their new home. “Hatch gives the new flag to Legion Hall” was the headline that captured the interest of many people who had an interest in preserving the history of the nation as well as allies of the USA.

When people unite everything is possible

The American Legion found a new home quite quickly, but the problem was the lack of flagpoles where they could fly their flags. Donations from individuals and various organizations took care of that. They were able to raise two big flagpoles thanks to the goodwill of other groups.

Donations weren’t just limited to money as people came and gave them items from various conflicts throughout the history. Flags were the part of contributions as well. It’s important to note that Vietnam Veterans Associations donated two large (25 and 30 foot) flagpoles to the American Legion.

Those two were set along the Lazy Jack’s flag that was flown on a flagpole that the Legion managed to salvage from their previous home. One of those two flagpoles became home to one big American flag that was donated by Jim Haskell. The flag belonged to one of his family members that served in the WW1. That family member received it from French military that honored all American veterans that took part in the World War One.

The night of the grand opening

Legion HallThe American flag that honored World War One was revealed on the night of the opening of the new home of the American Legion. It was accompanied by POW/MIA flag as well as Minnesota state flag. It’s sad to say that the American flag won’t spend a lot of time on the flagpole due to its wear. It will find its final resting place inside the building along with many other items that celebrate the rich history of the USA and its allies. Everyone that is interested in this flag and other war memorabilia can visit the new home of The American Legion and look at the collection they have in the display.


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